12 Best Sex Gifts for Men

Looking for the perfect (but naughty) gift for the sexy man in your life?

Men are pretty easy to buy for when it comes to sexy presents and, if in doubt, an I.O.U. for a wild weekend or a top shelf magazine will generally suffice. But if you really want to treat your guy to something special then we have a round-up of some of the best XXX gifts.

From prostate massagers and pegging kits to pocket pussies and blow-job devices, there’s something here that every fella will love.

We bring you a round, but dirty, 12 suggestions of sexy gifts for men from novelty items and toys to kinky ideas designed to make him eternally grateful!

Autoblow 2+ XT

Best Sex Gifts for men autoblow 2+ xt
Image via Autoblow.

Nothing says you care about a man more than a blowjob so our first choice is the perfect present for a man who loves getting head but from a partner who can’t be there all the time to give it!

The Autoblow 2+ XT is a high-tech blowjob machine that stimulates oral sex using an innovative design.

An internal sleeve is gripped by a series of beaded rings which milk the user giving the dual sensation of being sucked and licked.

It’s a clever design and one which has made it an international bestseller with over 250,000 men worldwide owning one.

The Autoblow 2+ XT isn’t cheap and will set you back a cool $129.95 but it may well be the last sex toy your fella ever needs. Seriously, it’s supposed to be THAT good.

So, if you want to gift your guy with blowjobs for life without the jaw-ache then you can pick up one of these bad boys direct from the manufacturers.

You can also upgrade his experience with specialist accessories including an easy grip handle, replacement sleeves and a storage case.

Fleshlight Go Surge

Image via Lovehoney.

The Fleshlight brand of male masturbation aids is the best known in the world and their innovative design has been much copied.

As the name would suggest, the outer casing looks just like a flashlight but once you unscrew the top, the interior reveals a much more inviting prospect.

Lined with a ‘realistic’ feeling silicone sleeve which runs the entire length of the device, men can discreetly travel with this portable pussy along for the ride.

There are dozens of models of the Fleshlight available, ranging in size, color and texture but we’re reliably informed that the Go Surge is a particularly good one.

17% shorter than standard designs, it’s even easier to store yet the welcoming ‘lips’ and sensuous textures of the inner sleeve provide a satisfying session every time.

Sold at most good adult stores, you can also pick up a Fleshlight Go Surge from online retailers like Lovehoney at a price of around $59.99.

Kiiroo Titan

Best Sex Gifts for men kiiroo titan
Image via Kiiroo.

Our next choice is another bestselling male masturbator but this one is a lot more advanced than the Fleshlight.

Designed by Kiiroo, a manufacturer of interactive sex toys, the Titan features a realistic feeling silicone inner sleeve around which 9 bullet vibrators deliver awesome sensations.

As a standalone sex toy, this is a pretty good one and any guy would be thrilled to receive this kind of pleasure.

However, the Titan is also fully teledildonic and can be paired with online content so your guy can enjoy porn and adult games as if he were ACTUALLY in the thick of the action!

Not only that but the Titan can be synched with any other Kiirro sex toy which makes it a fantastic sex toy for couples who are in long distance relationships.

By using the FeelConnect App, both partners can share their device online so that they can feel the sensations of their lover remotely.

Giving the gift of pleasure like this will set you back around $149 but if you are interested in a couples set you can pick up a second device for yourself at a discount. Just head over to Kiirro directly for more details.

We-Vibe Prostate Massager

Best Sex Gifts for men we vibe prostate massager
Image via Lovehoney.

Just like Kiiroo, We-Vibe is also known for producing high-tech interactive toys and this prostate massager also comes with Bluetooth Connectivity.

This means that he can enjoy it alone or let you take the ultimate control of his pleasure via the remote We-Connect app.

As we all know, the male G-spot is reportedly in the ass and this pleasure device offers up two powerful motors to stimulate the prostate. Plus, the design of this toy also ensures the perineum is given a work over too.

With an adjustable head and flexible base its designed for flexibility and maximum comfort.

It’s a mighty fine piece of kit guaranteed to give your guy a lot of pleasure but at $139.99 it isn’t cheap. If you think he’s worth it then you can pick up one of these babies from adult stores near you or online via retailers like Lovehoney.

Cellmate Chastity Cage

Image via ChastityX.

Chastity play is popular among the BDSM community and the use of cages to keep men from being able to have an erection is a powerful tool for Femdoms.

And whilst you can pick up standard penis cages from adult stores near you or online via specialist fetish boutiques, this one caught our eye.

Known as the Cellmate, it’s a premium quality cage which comes with a Bluetooth enabled lock which works via an app.

So, not only can you control your partner’s chastity when you play at home but with this little device you can do it remotely as well.

Comfortable to wear for him but ultimately giving you utter control of his pleasure, you can buy the Cellmate Chastity Cage from the online kink store ChastityX for around $130.

Love Is Art

Image via Uncommon Goods.

This next gift makes for a highly personal and unique present for the man in your life and we think it’s ultra-sexy too.

Making a piece of statement art using your own body as the tool through which you unleash your creative genius simply screams SEXY!

Just lay out a canvas, get naked, apply paint to your body and let your inner artist out.

What art-loving man could reject such a great gift?

And, whilst you could just head down to your local craft store to buy some paint and a canvas we think this non-toxic, body-safe Love is Art kit from Uncommon Goods is a better way to do it.

Priced at $60, you will need to have the canvas stretched and framed before presenting it but Uncommon Goods can also supply a home-stretcher kit for an extra $36.

Opt for the custom kit for an extra $10 and you get a choice of three colors so you can create a bespoke piece of sexy art to suit your man’s home interior.

Tracey Cox Supersex Strap-On Pegging Kit

Image via Lovehoney.

Our next choice of sexy gift for the man in your life is something that could be of interest to both of you.

Pegging, if you didn’t already know is where a woman uses a strap on dildo to penetrate her male partner in the ass.

It’s not a gay thing but a part of power play and there are a lot of guys who like to be dominated this way by their ladies.

If he’s shown an interest already then you’re onto a winner with this pegging kit designed by the British sexologist, Tracey Cox.

Sold by Lovehoney and other adult stores and online retailers, the kit comes with an adjustable harness, two dildos and three O rings of assorted sizes. You also get a bullet vibrator which can be tucked inside a pocket in the harness for ease of use.

Perfect for beginners and experts alike, pegging might not appeal to some people but for those open-minded couples, it just may become their next favorite hobby.

This kit is priced $59.99 with the harness adjustable up to 65” (US dress size 6-28).

Sportsheets Sex Swing Door Jam Kit

Image via Sportsheets.

This next sexy gift idea for men won’t be much good for solo play but could be a hella lot of fun for you too.

A sex swing gives both partners a way to enjoy vertical sex without the stress and strain of supporting the added weight this usually involves.

Whilst most sex swings require a solid ceiling/wooden beam or space for an A-frame, this door jam kit makes any home an instant adult playzone.

Just slide the top bar over a sturdy door and close it. That’s it.

Fully adjustable suspension straps mean you can find the perfect height to suit him and both of you can enjoy a whole new way to explore the pleasures of weightless sex.

Suitable for weights of up to 23 stone (325 lbs), you can pick up one of these sex swing door kits for around $69.99. Many adult stores stock products by Sportsheets but you can buy them online through retailers like Lovehoney.

Shower Stroker Pussy

Best Sex Gifts for men shower stroker pussy
Image via Adam & Eve.

These simple little male masturbators are called pocket pussies (or, if you live in Japan, onaholes!) and are incredibly popular little toys.

Basically made of a silicone sleeve inside a hard shell, they are lined with ribs and ticklers for a realistic feeling session of solo play.

There are tons of designs on the market and you can pick them up from any adult store near you but we like the look of this Happy Ending Shower Stroker Pussy.

With a hanging cord to store it neatly in the shower after use, its open ended for ease of cleaning and if you can ‘train’ your guy to use it whilst he scrubs up you could save on any nasty surprises on your sheets!

Priced at $19.95, they’re only designed for short-term use but your fella should be able to get a dozen or more sessions from this gift before it needs replacing.

Available to buy from adult stores or online from retailers like Adam & Eve, the Shower Stroker Pussy measures 2.5” wide by 6” long.

Adam & Eve Bangin’ Betty

Image via Adam & Eve.

A full-size sex doll might be out of your price range and those cheap blow-up dolls are only good for a couple of sessions. So, we thought this realistic dual entry stroker kit was the next best thing.

Made from heavy duty TPE with plump yet firm buttocks, the Bangin’ Betty is designed for both front or back door action.

The hefty weight of this toy holds it in place during use and the textured silicone is supposedly lifelike to touch and even has a satisfying jiggle.

Inside, the interior is also textured with ribs and nubs designed to give maximum pleasure.

‘Betty’ measures just 8.75” long, 11” wide and 4” tall so she’s a lot easier to stow than a full-size sex doll too.

Both the vaginal and anal sleeves are open-ended for ease of cleaning and make for a tight but safe fit.

Great for solo-play, you can pick up a Bangin’ Betty Stroker Kit from Adam & Eve stores or order online for just $59.95.

Hydromax Penis Pump

Image via Official Hydromax Pump.

Officially the world’s bestselling penis pump, a gift of the Hydromax may well be of benefit to you too…

A device designed to help men achieve longer and stronger erections the Hydromax is both a pleasure device and a stamina training unit. There is also some evidence to support the claims that regular use of this penis pump can also deliver size gains as well!

There are three choices here and if your fella has never used a penis pump before then is probably best to start him off with the Original Series. However, if your guy is blessed with girth or is a big boy then you might want to look at the Max or Xtreme Series.

There are plenty of penis pumps on the market but what makes this one so special is that it uses water and not air to create the vacuum.

Not only does this make the experience of using them more pleasurable but it’s supposed to be less stressful to his pride and joy.

A great gift to help him enjoy his shower or tub time a lot more, the gains he makes are yours to enjoy as well. Just be aware that buying a gift like this should always come with caveat that you’re already well satisfied!

Starting at a price of $110, these aren’t a cheap gift but they are a present which will keep on giving.

Formerly known as Bathmates, they come in a choice of colors including red, blue and clear.

Adult Time Subscription

Image via Adult Time.

Pure and simple, give a man some porn to enjoy and he’s yours for life!

Seriously, adult movies are a great way to give a guy a sexy gift and there are tons of ways to do it. Your local adult store can sort you out with the latest porno DVD releases or you could order online.

Another great gift idea is to buy a subscription to one of the many streaming services.

Sort of like a Netflix of XXX movies, Adult Time gives you the option to watch over 55,000 different titles covering a whole range of categories.

Made by some of the biggest studios in the business and featuring the hottest names, your man could be enjoying the very latest programming from the likes of Burning Angel, Rocco Siffredi and Pure Taboo.

With 8 new releases every day, there’s always something fresh to watch and the best part is that this is a gift you can both enjoy.

There are some other streaming services available but what we love about Adult Time is that, just like Netflix, they create their own original shows. PLUS, you can even hook the service up to your Roku device and stream direct to your TV.

You can pick up an annual subscription for a cost of $95.40 which works out to less than $8 per month – cheaper by far than buying a single DVD.

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