12 Best Sex Gifts for Women

Stuck for ideas for sexy gifts for the lady in your life?

Giving (and receiving) is an important part of any relationship and whether you need ideas for a birthday, special anniversary or Christmas, women love getting a gift that’s all about them. So, what could be more personal than buying an intimate present? We think a woman would definitely appreciate the man who bought them one of these sexy items.

Our dirty dozen of sexy gifts for women includes everything from bargain treats and stocking fillers to luxury lingerie and high-tech sex toys.

Vesper Vibrator Necklace

Image via Crave.

As everyone knows, one of the best gifts for women is jewelry so why does buying a sexy toy mean you have to compromise?

The San Francisco-based startup company, Crave, specializes in creating discreet and luxurious sex toys for women and the Vesper Vibrator Necklace is an absolute winner.

Combining a stylish and elegant 3.8” drop pendant with a 26” chain might seem like an innocuous bit of accessorizing but this statement piece is also a naughty little pleasure aid.

Whisper quiet but with four power settings, you got it, this little necklace doubles up as sex toy!

Available in a choice of three finishes including Rose Gold, Silver and 24kt Gold, the device is USB rechargeable and can be personalized with an engraved message.

It’s a bold and dramatic gift that ticks two boxes in one.

Available to buy direct from Crave, the Vesper Vibrator Necklace starts at $69.

We-Vibe Moxie

Image via We-Vibe.

Sticking with a vibrating theme, our next choice is a wearable sex toy from We-Vibe.

The Moxie is designed to slip comfortably and securely into her panties and there it will stay in place for discreet, whisper-quiet vibrations on-the-go.

The best part of this high-tech device is that it’s fully interactive and you can take control remotely to master the action.

We-Vibe toys can be synched to a smartphone using a Bluetooth connection and the We-Connect app can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Really a great toy for you and her, this means you can intensify her pleasure and select which waves of teasing or rumbly vibrations she gets.

PLUS, if you have a compatible We-Vibe toy you can also synch YOUR playtime to hers!

Made from silky smooth silicone and contoured to fit the shape of the female form, the Moxie is a great toy for couples who are in long distance relationships.

Available to buy from all good adult stores the We-Vibe Moxie is priced at around $129 and comes in a choice of two colors; black and aqua.

Victoria’s Secret Lingerie

Wicked Unlined Lace-up Corset. Image via Victoria’s Secret.

Sexiness starts from the inside out and every woman will know just how much more confident and adventurous they feel when they’re wearing sexy lingerie.

Whether they’re planning a naughty night out or just slipping them on under their work clothes, the woman who wears luxury lace or silky-smooth satin next to their skin can’t help but feel like a goddess.

There are plenty of places to pick up some great matching lingerie sets, babydolls, teddies and bustiers but we think that Victoria’s Secret is still one of the best.

With stores in almost every major US city, the best part about this gift idea is that YOU can go enjoy the shopping experience!

The kind of lingerie you buy will very much depend on the kind of woman you have in your life and whilst some ladies love a corset or bustier, others will prefer a babydoll or sexy slip.

For our money, you can’t go wrong with a classic matching bra and panty set with (or without) garter belt. It oozes sophistication and sexiness and can be purchased in a range of styles, colours and materials. From elegant plain black or kinky leopard print to sexy red or sassy patterns there’s a choice that’s as individual as the woman in your life.

Your budget and imagination are your only boundaries here so let yourself go wild and enjoy a trip to one of the many Victoria’s Secret stores.

A word of advice though, try to reflect HER personality and not YOURS when you’re shopping and definitely heed the advice of the experts in store. Come home with a kinky red bondage bodysuit and you might be eating microwave meals for a month! Oh, and BE SURE about sizes before you go.

Bijoux Indiscrets Clitherapy Sexting Balm

Image via Bijoux Indiscrets.

Designed for women who love to sext, this crazy little clit balm can help the lady in your life reach mind-blowing orgasms.

Whilst her hands are busy sending XXX messags by phone, all your lady needs to do is just ‘swipe’ a dab of this balm across her clit. The warming effect will help boost the blood flow and heighten sensitivity making an Oh! moment inevitable.

Lasting around 30-minutes, it’s a great little gift and, at $11.95, won’t break the bank.

Available to buy direct from Bijoux Indiscrets.

Satisfyer Breathless by Adam and Eve

Image via Adam & Eve.

Ask any woman you like and most would agree that a better choice of gift than any flowers or chocolates is oral sex. And whilst a downstairs session might be great for both of you, it doesn’t last forever. So, this next choice is a gift that keeps giving.

The Satisfyer Breathless by Adam and Eve is a handheld toy that uses air-pulse technology to mimic the sensations of oral sex for women.

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Reportedly even converting those ladies who weren’t already fans of oral sex, the Satisfyer is one of Adam & Eve’s bestselling toys.

Just place the ‘mouth’ of the Satisfyer over the clit and the air-pulse stimulator delivers innovative blowing, sucking and vibrating action.

It’s also fully waterproof which makes it a great tub or shower companion plus its rechargeable so no extra money needed on tons of replacement batteries.

Priced at just $69.99 and available from all Adam & Eve stores, the Satisfyer Breathless will definitely earn you some great brownie points. Plus, if you buy it online, you also earn some great free gifts for you too.

Liberator Wedge

Image via Liberator.

Sex pillows are an excellent choice of sexy gift for women as it shows just how much you care about their comfort during your bedroom workouts.

Also known as wedges, they are designed to provide additional support whilst holding tricky positions but also offering women more satisfying angles of penetration.

They’re also a great idea if she loves receiving oral sex as it lifts her hips to a perfect height for the best access.

There are lots of styles and designs on the market but, for us, the Liberator Wedge is one of the best choices.

Solid enough to endure even the most exhilarating of sessions, this sex pillow has been designed to give the perfect 27-degree angle for maximum G-spot stimulation.

Made from high-density foam and covered with a comfortable (but washable) micro-fiber case, the Liberator Wedge is available in a choice of six colors.

Priced at around $90 you can buy a Wedge direct from Liberator or find an adult store near you with some in stock.

Clone-a-Willy Vibrator Kit

Image via Lovehoney.

Our next sexy gift idea for women is more than just a novel suggestion as the results of this kit are pretty practical too.

Yes, an in-home penis molding kit will let your lady create a life-sized replica of your manhood for her own personal (but private) enjoyment.

You can buy DIY dildo modeling kits from an adult store near you but we like the look of this Clone-A-Willy vibrator kit from Lovehoney

Unlike other brands, this kit includes a vibrating unit which forms the core of the toy for added pleasure.

The best part of this gift idea is that YOU can have some fun too during the molding process. The kits comes with a molding tube, two part cure silicone, thermometer and stirring stick plus full instructions.

The process is pretty easy and the results are a truly unique gift.

Available to buy from Lovehoney in a range of skin tones and sizes, prices start at around $35.99.

Ethical Porn For Her

Image via Lust Cinema.

Long gone are the days when adult movies were only aimed at a male audience and the porn industry has come a long way over the last decade.

Ethical and feminist porn is very much en-vogue at the moment and these XXX studio releases are produced by companies who are championing sexual diversity and equality.

Showcasing reality as well as fantasy, ethical porn is made consensually where ALL performers are treated fairly.

Check out this Guide to Feminist Porn which highlights those studios who are producing ethical adult movies and you can legitimately buy your lady a couple of XXX DVDs to enjoy together; everyone’s a winner with this suggestion.

Erika Lust is perhaps the most infamous producer of feminist and ethical porn but there are tons of great studios joining the movement.

LELO Beads Noir

Image via LELO.

Ben Wa Balls, or love beads, are a sensual and intimate way for women to enjoy solo time but they can also be enjoyed during sex.

Hollow by design but with a weight inside each of the balls, these beads are inserted into the vagina. Once securely inside, the weights in the beads roll and move around as she does, massaging her from the inside and creating truly unique sensations.

The results are, apparently, incredibly erotic and the best part is that women can wear them discreetly at any time of day.

Although they have been around for centuries, Ben Wa Balls have been enjoying a modern renaissance owing to their continued recommendation by medical practitioners and sexologists. The design of the balls can help improve a woman’s pelvic floor muscles which, in turn, can enhance their orgasms as well as bladder control.

LELO’s Beads Noir are an elegant set of Ben Wa Balls that are sleek and subtle in design.

Priced at only $45 and available direct from this luxury toy manufacturer, you could opt for their Luxe model if you have a bigger budget. Made from 20kt gold, this opulent set is yours for JUST $3,090!!!

Magic Wand Original

Image via Magic Wand Original.

Initially designed by Hitachi as a therapeutic massage device, the Magic Wand Original is an iconic sex toy.

Dubbed the ‘little black dress’ of massagers, it has now become synonymous with the live cam sex market. And whilst we wouldn’t recommend comparing the woman in your life with a cam girl, we can attest to the fact that there is good reason the Magic Wand Original is so popular.

With a soft silicone head but with a powerful and rumbling motor, the vibrations from these devices are the stuff that legends are made from.

You can still get a corded version of the Magic Wand Original but by far the more popular option is the cordless and rechargeable option.

This is a classic design sex toy which also doubles as an excellent massage device for stiff joints and should be high on anyone’s shortlist for a sexy gift for women.

Available to buy at an adult store near you, they can also be purchased online from retailers like Adam & Eve for around $160.

Lovehoney Bondage Starter Kit

Image via Lovehoney.

Our next choice is a gift idea for any woman who took a shine to the E L James Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy.

So, if your lady fancies herself as the next Anastacia Steele (or you have designs on becoming Christian Grey yourself) then maybe you should consider this five piece bondage gift set by Lovehoney.

Ideal for anyone who is new to the kinks of BDSM play, this beginners kit includes a flogger, cuffs, eye mask, nipple pasties and rope.

These basics cover all the entry level requirements for sensory deprivation and restraint play.

Designed to be frisky and fun rather than for hardcore bondage, this feminine bag of tricks should delight couples who want to experiment.

You can buy the Bondage Boutique Midnight Special Gift Set from Lovehoney for $29.99 or you could create a bespoke kit from items purchased at a sex shop near you.

The Magic Ball

Image via PinkDiamond69.

Ride-on sex machines are a huge hit in the porn industry and are a thrilling experience for anyone lucky enough to have a go.

But, unless you want to part with $500+, they make a pretty pricey gift.

So, what about this for an alternative?

The Magic Ball is a sit-on sex toy shaped just like a yoga ball or space hopper but with the addition of one key feature; a solid dildo.

The cleverly designed handles give her something to hold onto whilst she enjoys the ride (or bounce) of her life.

What we like about the Magic Ball is that it comes in two choices; one with a single dildo and the other with a butt plug as well for double the fun.

They’re an innovative little sex toy that can be just as much pleasure for one as they can be for two.

Available to buy direct from PinkDiamond69, Magic Balls are priced at $39.99 each.

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