12 Best Sexy Card Games For Couples

Looking for some fun-filled ways to take foreplay to another level?

Sex games are a great way set the mood for some sexy fun and there are tons of great board games you can play as a couple. But we think that card games are a perfect alternative. Simple to play and easy to pack in an overnight bag, these decks offer up everything from gamifying sex positions, XXX dares and teasing truths to NSFW quizzes, flirtatious fun and surprisingly steamy games.

In this Sexy Card Games For Couples Guide, you’ll find a selection of some of the sexiest, simplest and kinkiest card games you can play with your partner.

Are you ready to find out just how kinky and playful you can be with our dirty dozen card games?

Lovehoney Oh! Kinky Confessions Truth or Dare Card Game

Let’s kick off with a simple game of Truth or Dare… with a twist.

The ‘sexual happiness people’ over at the British adult retailers, Lovehoney have updated this classic and created a Kinky Confessions Card Game.

An ideal way for couples to share more about their bedroom preferences, each partner gets to choose ten cards to answer.

Written in a ‘Would You Rather’-style, if you decide not to answer you have to select a Forfeit Card instead.

It’s a quick and easy game to play with just two people and is an ideal way to get to know new partners. We’ve also been told that it makes a great ice-breaker for swinging parties…..

Available to buy direct from Lovehoney, this sexy couples’ card game is priced at just $8.99.

Tracey Cox Supersex Sex Position Card Deck

Next up we have another great card game for couples to play but this one is going to require a lot more energy!

Tracey Cox is a British sexologist and relationship counsellor who advocates play as way for couples to bond. And, in this game, there is plenty of bonding to be had!

Based on some of those well-known (and lesser-known) positions of the Kama Sutra, this 50-card deck comes with scenario cards which include:

  • Make him last longer
  • Make him orgasm faster
  • Give her a clitoral orgasm
  • Give her a G-spot orgasm
  • He’s on the big side
  • He’s on the small side
  • She wants to feel tighter
  • We’re different sizes
  • We want a quickie
  • We want a challenge

With tips and tricks on how to master each position, this is a game that will have you coming back to play again and again.

Also available to buy from Lovehoney, this hot sex deck of Supersex Positions is priced at $19.99.

Sex Fortunes Card Game

Created by Kheper Games, this set of Tarot Cards for lovers could be perfect for mystical lovers.

The set of 78 Sex Fortune Cards will help you predict the future and set the scene for a memorable evening of sexy fun.

Just deal out ten cards and use the illustrated instruction booklet to tell your partner’s fortune.

Acting out the predictions is up to you but ad-libbing the reading is a must if you really want to get the most out of this kinky bit of entertainment.

It’s a popular game you can find in a lot of adult stores but you can also pick a set up from Happy Sperm for $11.99.

Talk Flirt Dare

Our next choice is a boxed card game which is great fun to play but is flexible enough to vary for a range of different settings and scenarios.

Basically, this is a set of three decks of cards, each with a different objective, Talk Flirt Dare has no complicated rules and is easy to play as a couple or in a group.

The Talk deck is designed to promote sexy conversations and is a great way to test how well you know your partner; perfect for date nights or with friends. It’s a relatively SFW aspect of the game and includes starter questions like:

  • “What is the one possession of your partners that you never want to see again?”
  • “In your opinion, what is the craziest, wildest thing you have ever done as a couple?”
  • “What do you think your partner would do with an extra $1000 a week to spend on their needs?”

The Flirt deck steps the game up a gear and is designed to promote playfulness. Perfect for a more intimate night in or for a kinky group game, these flirtatious conversation starters include:

  • “Describe how you would like your partner to seduce you one day.”
  • “What turns you on almost instantly?”
  • “Tell your partner about a porno or erotic film you have watched recently.”

And as for the deck of Dares; well, there’s every chance that the results of this game could get very NSFW quite quickly. Definitely the wilder aspect of this game, just take turns drawing cards and completing sexy challenges like:

  • “Make a video of your partner eating Nutella or whipped cream in an erotic way.”
  • “Give your partner a lap dance or sensual dance to a song of your choice.”
  • “Be an underwear model. Imagine you are posing for a campaign and let your partner photograph you.”

Available to buy from some larger adult stores as well as via Amazon, you can pick up a copy of Talk Flirt Dare for around $25.

Strip or Tease Card Game

This next game by Creative Conceptions comes in a larger box but is simply a card game designed to help couples perfect the art of undressing seductively.

There are two decks of cards included in the game, one marked Tease and the other marked Strip. You also get a pair of dice which tell you which card to take and what kind of item to take off next.

The cards give you explicit instructions about how to play your next move and include Tease directions like:

  • “Stroke and rub the other player’s intimate parts whilst maintaining eye contact as you do so.”
  • “Slide a mobile phone which has been set to vibrate into the other player’s underwear. Call as many times as you like.”

The Strip cards are just as saucy but have been written to really create an ambiance of slow and sensuous seduction.

There’s nothing gendered about the game’s instructions or cards so it’s a game perfect for all genders and sexualities.

Available to buy from many online retailers you can pick up a copy of the Strip or Tease couples’ card game from places like Tool Shed Toys for around $17.

Sex IQ Trivia Game

Our next choice is perfect for couples who enjoy flexing their grey matter and is a quick and simple little test of your sexy knowledge.

Just a small deck of cards, ideal to take along to a party or as a stocking filler for Christmas, the Sex IQ Trivia game is a naughty little quiz.

Cheeky and educational, each card asks a sex-themed question and offers players multiple choice answers.

Its great as a conversation starter and some of the cards can be quite revealing about the state of the nation’s sex lives.

Did YOU know that the most common sex injury isn’t carpet burns or broken bones but bites?! And what would your guess be as to the number of times the average person has sex in their lifetime?

Sold by Lovehoney at a price of just $9.99, this neat little quiz game is great for nights in or out, with or without friends.

You & Me Couples Card Game

Another game by Creative Conceptions, You & Me is designed exclusively for couples that want to boost their intimacy to a new level.

The boxed game for two comes with a dice, sand timer, 90 Forfeit Cards (45 each), 8 Special Cards (4 each) and 2 Jokers (1 each).

Roll the dice to find out who is going to receive and draw a card to reveal the challenge. Set the timer and enjoy the attentions of your partner as they perform for you.

Instructions on the cards can be anything from blindfolding your partner and sucking their fingers to kissing them slowly from head to feet.

A game of bedroom challenges, this sexy set of cards will cement that old adage that couples who play together, stay together.

Available to buy from adult retailers as well as via Amazon, you can pick up a boxed game of You & Me from around $15.

Lovehoney Oh! Kama Sutra Memory Match Game

Another simple little game from Lovehoney which makes a perfect (but sexy) little stocking filler, the Kama Sutra Memory Match Game is an upgrade on this retro classic.

We’ve all played a version of this game, whether online or as a kid. Just lay the ‘tiled’ cards out face down and take turns to reveal two cards each.

If you match a pair then you take them and the winner is the player with the most cards at the end of the game.

The difference here is that the cards are illustrated with photographs of sexual positions!

Spice the action up by letting the last pair of cards determine how you and your partner will celebrate when the game is over.

Available to buy direct from Lovehoney for around $5, it’s a budget game but one which will bring you a lot of pleasure to play.

Dare Duel

This next game by Tingle Touch is a creative little card battle for couples who want to get adventurous.

At the beginning of each round, players use the Starter Card to select an opening line to the Dare and can choose from either:

  • “You will….”
  • “Your opponent will…”
  • “You will both….”

Each player then takes turns to draw a card from the deck which has a number of words and phrases on. All you have to do is add one of them to the sentence you’ve started but you canuse some common ‘Link’ words to keep the sentence going.

The dare is slowly built up until one player decides to use the period to finish building the challenge.

So, you might end up with a sentence like this one:

“Your opponent will tie you up and perform oral sex on you for five minutes.”

Now you have a dare to act out!

The more cards you use to create a challenge, the more points its worth.

The winner is the first person to reach 25 points and they can then draw two Reward Cards. The special prize is based on the same creative rules as the rest of Dare Duel and allows the winner to select a way to have their partner make them cum.

It’s a great little game for spicing up your sex life and one where you can take full control of creating your dares.

Dare Duel is available to buy direct from Tingle Touch or other online retailers for around $25.99

Bedroom Commands Card Game

Another selection from Kheper Games, Bedroom Commands comprises two decks of cards; one marked Dirty Daddy Says… and the other Sexy Bitch Says…

Each contains 54 different activities to complete and include such saucy suggestions as:

  • “…Sit behind me and masturbate me how you think I would masturbate myself.”
  • “…Massage my pelvic my area thoroughly before entering me.”
  • “…Lick me like I am the most delicious food you have ever tasted.”

It’s a simple but deliciously satisfying little card game for couples to play together.

Available to buy from online retailers including Pink Cherry, this set of cards should cost you less than $10.

Pillow Talk

This intimate game for couples is all about spicing up foreplay and includes a deck of cards with both questions and forfeits.

The 52 cards can be used as standard playing cards or you can take turns to ask each other for the truth or perform a forfeit.

Sort of like Truth or Dare, we like how this game can take couples on a journey of discovery or simply be used to kickstart sexy time.

Available to buy from many adult stores and online retailers you can pick up a set of Pillow Talk cards from Ann Summers at a price of $7.99/

The F’ing Truth Game

Our last choice of sexy card game for couples is a crazy little party game which is sort of cross between bingo and “Never have I ever”.

Best played in a larger group or with other couples, each player gets a grid sheet and a pencil before everyone takes turns to draw a card from the deck.

The card is read out and includes questions like:

  • “Have you ever had sex with someone who you thought was stupid?”
  • “Have you ever had sex with someone that’s more than ten years your senior?”
  • “Have you ever cheated on a romantic partner?”
  • “Have you ever masturbated in a way that could be dangerous?”

Everyone who can answer ‘Yes’ to the question can cross off the corresponding number on their grid; the winner is the first person to complete a row.

A card game for ‘people who f’ck and tell’, this is an ideal party game for sharing stories and provoking conversations.

The best part about this innovative little kickstarter is that you can download a copy for free!

If you’d prefer a boxed and glossy version complete of the real deal then you can pick up a set from the Ecwid marketplace for $20.

Wild Cards

No card game would be complete without some jokers in the pack and we couldn’t not bring up the fact that even a standard set of playing cards can give you a whole of sexy time fun.

Yes, just pick up a set of cards from your local dollar store and introduce some new rules to your own favorite games.

Strip poker is an obvious choice but why not try Strip Go Fish or Strip Rummy?

Create your own sexy games using just your imagination and a deck of cards.

We also love the idea of creating your own sexy card game.

Just assign an action to each of the suits like:

  • Clubs – Fondle
  • Diamonds – Spank
  • Spades – Lick
  • Hearts – Kiss

And then assign a body part to each of the card values; Ace – Ass, Two – Lips, Three – Nipples etc.

You can then take turns drawing cards with your partner to play your own cheap and easy game of Fabulous Foreplay.

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