The Best Glass Dildos & Vibrators

Looking for a new sex toy with a difference?

Glass is an incredibly versatile material that can be treated to be made incredibly strong and durable. Crafted to maintain its fragile appearance yet safe enough to use on (and inside) the body, sex toy designers have gone mad for glass.

It can be used to create a huge range of colors, shapes and designs and because its hypoallergenic, hygienic and hard it is actually a pretty good choice of material for a dildo. Plus, there are some added advantages too…

In this feature we take a look at why glass sex toys are becoming so fashionable and whether they are safe. We’ll also give you a run down on how to use them and which glass dildos are the best.

Why Use Glass Dildos?

Dildos weren’t invented in the modern age so it stands to reason that they can be made from a range of materials.

In fact, the history of dildos (and other sex toys) goes back way further than you’d think.

Historians have found evidence of phallic objects and other insertables dating as far back as 30,000 years ago.

Throughout history, humans have used all kinds of material to create sex toys. Image of a wooden Japanese dildo via Wikimedia.

From prehistoric Europeans and their stone dildos to the Ancient Orientals and their ceramic Ben-Wa balls, sex toys have always been made from whatever materials are available.

But with advances in sex-tech and the availability of materials like TPE and silicone, why would you use anything else, especially glass!

Well, there are actually a ton of great reasons why glass sex toys are currently en-vogue.

Stylish and Visually Stunning

First up, dildos and plugs made from glass can LOOK amazing and there is a big draw towards those designs which are as artistic as they are fun to use.

There’s a huge range to choose from and some collections are created by acclaimed designers.

And although most people think of glass as being a plain transparent material, it might surprise you to see just how creative some designs can be.

Made with different colors in a dizzying range of sizes and shapes and with various textures, glass sex toys are an exciting option.

And, for some women, shopping for a new glass dildo is likened to picking up a well-crafted piece of jewelry!

Sensory Play  

As well as being aesthetically pleasing, using glass as a material for a dildo has one big advantage over silicone, plastics or TPE.

Glass is hugely responsive to changes in temperature and this makes it an excellent material for exploring temperature play (see ‘How To Use Glass Dildos’ below).

Easy to Keep Clean

Glass is also one of the most hygienic materials you can think of.

Completely non-porous, there is nowhere for bacteria to hide which makes them super easy to keep clean.

This makes them a perfect choice for anyone who has sensitive skin or who suffers from the ill effects of changes in vaginal pH balance.

Glass is easy to clean making it incredibly hygienic to use. Image via Lovehoney.

Hard and Durable

Unlike silicone toys, glass wands have no ‘give’ in them at all. They are rigid and unyielding which for some people is part of their appeal.

After all, when you want something stiff, why not choose a sex toy that is made from a hard material?

Of course, treated glass if also pretty durable. And, if you are careful, there is no reason why your glass dildo or plug can’t last you a lifetime. Unlike silicone and TPE toys which can degrade over time, glass is far more hard-wearing.

Sadly, if you do ever need to retire your trusty glass sex toy then it’s not possible (at this stage) to recycle it.

Made from tempered or specially treated glass (see ‘Are Glass Dildos Safe?’ below), they should be disposed of along with general waste.

Are Glass Dildos Safe?

Let’s cut to the chase here with the #1 question on everyone’s lips?

How safe are glass toys (really) to use?

It’s a big concern and the consequences of glass breaking inside you (or a partner) is an unimaginable horror show, right?

Well, most glass sex toys are actually made from specially treated glass like Pyrex or use borosilicate glass.

Some aren’t even made from glass at all.

Instead, its quite common to find ‘glass’ sex toys which are constructed using acrylic or Lucite. A kind of acrylic resin often used in camera lenses, windshields and even aircraft canopies, both are just as durable, hygienic and solid as glass.

All these materials can withstand much greater changes in temperature than normal glass and are far tougher too.

Just like Pyrex, glass dildos are tempered and designed to withstand greater temperature changes and are tougher than standard glass. Image via Wikimedia.

A word of caution: although they are able to withstand most everyday bumps and bangs, you should never use a glass sex toy that has been dropped on a hard surface Although you might not be able to see them, tiny fissures could make it unsafe.

Once a glass sex toy has been dropped in this way, it should be retired from further personal use. It could make a great paperweight or piece of statement art but do not be tempted to put it inside you ever again. Sorry.

Lastly, NEVER use a glass object as a sex toy if it has not been designed for this use. It is definitely NOT safe to insert regular glass inside yourself or your partner.

How To Use Glass Dildos

Like all sex toys, if you are going to use a glass dildo internally then you might want to use some lube. However, because glass is a much smoother material than most traditional toys, there is less friction created during use.

This means you don’t have to use as much lube.

A side benefit of using glass is that you don’t have to worry what kind of lubricant you use. Some toys can be damaged by silicone lube or oil-based lubes like Vaseline or coconut oil but, with glass, it doesn’t matter.

This makes it an ideal toy to play with in the shower or tub as your lube won’t wash away.

Temperature Play

As we’ve already mentioned, glass is a popular material of choice for sex toys principally because they are incredibly responsive to changes in temperature.

This means you can heat them up or cool them down to enjoy some incredible sensations both internally and externally.

And mixing these up can be amazing!

The feeling of a cold sex toy inside you followed by a hot one is difficult to describe but does something very special indeed.

It’s just as exciting to run a hot or cold glass dildo along sensitive external areas like nipples, the clitoris and around the neck.

Glass dildos can be used to heighten sensory temperature play. Image via Pixabay.

Heat It Up

The safest way to heat your glass toy up is to fill a bowl or pan with hot water and submerge it for 10-20 minutes.

This allows the glass to gradually change temperature.

Use a pair of tongs to carefully take the toy out of the water and always test the temperature against your forearm before you use it anywhere more sensitive.

NEVER microwave your sex toy or use extreme methods to alter its temperature quickly. Doing so can damage its structural integrity and if it’s too hot, it can cause serious injury.

Cool It Down

Just like heating, you can submerge your glass dildo into ice cold water to cool it down. Alternatively, leave it in the fridge or freezer beforehand.

Again, always test the temperature of the toy against the skin of your forearm BEFORE you use it anywhere more sensitive.

Best Glass Dildos

So, do you fancy adding a glass sex toy to your collection?

We’ve put together a list of our favorite dildos made from glass; from designer brands to budget buys, simple to kinky there’s something for everyone here.

Elegant Glass Dildos

We think this selection of glass dildos are some of the best on the market and are perfect for anyone who wants to try out this rigid material for penetration or experiment with temperature play.

Icicles No. 88 G-Spot Glass Textured Dildo with Removable Suction Cup

Icicles Glass Dildo with Suction Cup. Image via Lovehoney.

Our first choice of glass dildo is one which is pretty plain by design but incorporates a sweeping curve with bulbed head and textured shaft.

Made from toughened borosilicate glass and measuring 6.5” (insertable length), it’s been created to stimulate the G-spot.

We love the removable suction cup which gives you plenty of options for some hands free enjoyment.

Priced at $59.99 and available to but from retailers like Lovehoney, we think this is a great entry level glass sex toy.

Fifty Shades of Grey Drive Me Crazy Glass Massage Wand

Fifty Shades of Grey Glass Dildo. Image via Lovehoney.

Another sleek and simple design at first glance but with some incredible detailing along the shaft, this is an orgasmic glass toy.

The two ends have very different textures so you can vary the kind of sensations you get during playtime.

Engraved with the Fifty Shades of Grey logo, anyone with designs on becoming the next Anastacia Steele should definitely consider this love wand.

Available to but from good adult retailers including Lovehoney, this glass toy costs around $36.99.

Icicles No. 29 Blue Wave Glass Dildo

Icicles Blue Wave Glass Dildo. Image via Adam & Eve.

Another chic design by Icicles and created to stimulate the G-spot, we love the waves on this glass dildo.

Measuring 7” in length and with raised swirls around the entre shaft, this is a sensual treat for the eyes as well as internally!

Hand blown and using strengthened safety glass, the Blue Wave Glass dildo is a piece of artwork.

You can pick  one up from most adult toy retailers, including Adam & Eve, for around $39.95.

Kinky Glass Dildos

As if glass sex toys weren’t kinky enough, we think this assortment of dildos offer something a little extra!

Glass Candy Land Juicer

Glas Candy Land Juicer. Image via Kink Store.

This shatter-resistant glass dildo has an insertable shaft of 4” long and is encrusted with glittering nubs.

Designed to reach the G-spot, the head is a bulbous one but the kinkiest part of this toy is the design of its base.

Simply insert and then rotate the handle to crank up some excitement.

Priced at just $22.99 and available from online retailers Kink, the Glas Candy Land Juicer is perfect for intense stimulation.

Chrystalino Whipster Glass Dildo

Chrystalino Whipster Glass Dildo. Image via Adam & Eve.

Two sex toys in one, this glass dildo designed by Chrystalino has a kinky whip as a handle.

The super slick glass shaft is ribbed with firm waves and has a large rounded tip to stimulate the G-spot.

Up to 6” can be inserted for deep sensory pleasure whilst the faux leather tails measure 14” long.

It’s a ‘cracking’ little sexy toy, perfect for a bit of BDSM foreplay.

Available to buy from Adam & Eve at a price of $59.95, this dildo created by Chrystalino is a beautiful but stylish addition to any fetish toy chest.

Lovehoney Tentacle-Textured Sensual Glass Dildo

Lovehoney Tentacle-Textured Glass Dildo. Image via Lovehoney.

This next toy is a really freaky design based on tentacles and is a must-have for any Japanese porn fans!

A handblown object of pleasure, the stunning 6” shaft features all the detail you’d expect from an underwater creature or alien being.

Incredibly tactile and beautiful to look at, these lumps, bumps and curves are an insane way to pleasure yourself or a partner. Sold by Lovehoney at a price of $44.99, this tentacle textured glass dildo is out of this world!

Double Glass Dildos

Our next selection of glass dildos feature double ends so you can enjoy your sensual sensory play with a partner.

Lovehoney Sensual Glass Double Ended G-Spot Dildo

Lovehoney Sensual Glass Double-Ended G-Spot Dildo. Image via Lovehoney.

This sleek and elegant curved design is made for both G-spot and P-spot stimulation making it a perfect couples’ toy.

It’s made from borosilicate glass and measures 8.5” in length with the largest bulbed end having a circumference of 4.5”.

Hand blown and crafted to slip perfectly inside, it’s a fab piece of kit to explore temperature play together.

Available to buy from Lovehoney, this toy is priced at around $36.99.

Chrystalino Glass Doubler

Chrystalino Glass Doubler. Image via Lust Therapy.

This next double ended glass dildo is perfect for both vaginal and anal play and can either be used with a partner or just a two-for-one bonus toy.

Made from premium borosilicate glass (blue) and measuring 6.75” in total length, it’s a stylish bedroom accessory with a satisfying weight.

You can pick up a Chrystalino Glass Double from online retailers like Lust Therapy for around $45.

Glas Double Trouble Glass Dildo

Glas Double Trouble Glass Dildo. Image via Spectrum Boutique.

This curvy double ended glass dildo can be enjoyed for solo or double play and features two distinct textured ends.

One has a wavy design whilst the other incorporates nodules and bumps for some unique sensations.

Made from tempered glass and measuring 9.5” in total, this is a great way to explore temperature play.

You can pick up a Glas Double Trouble Glass Dildo from Spectrum Boutique for around $21.

Anal Glass Dildos

Our next selection of glass sex toys are designed specifically for anal play and include butt plugs and ass dildos.

Master Series Drops Anal Link Glass Dildo

Master Series Drops Anal Link Glass Dildo. Image via Uber Kinky.

This glass anal dildo is constructed using five linking glass balls which get slightly larger with every insertion.

Measuring 2” wide with an insertable length of up to 10.5”(!), the central core of this piece is hollowed out. For the partner giving the pleasure, this can give an amazing and unique view.

You can pick up one of these glass anal toys from retailers like Uber Kinky at a price of around $41.99.

Lovehoney Small Heart Glass Butt Plug

Small Heart Glass Anal Plug. Image via Lovehoney.

This cute 3” butt plug with a heart shaped base is ideal for newcomers to anal play.

Looking more like a wine stopper than a sex toy, the rose-colored glass makes this a really feminine and delicate design.

Measuring 4” in circumference and with a flared base, it is a safe plug to use for some temperature play.

Priced at just $24.99 and available from Lovehoney, this glass toy comes with a velvet storage pouch.

Utimi Vibrating Glass Anal Plug

Utimi Vibrating Glass Anal Plug. Image via Utimi.

This next glass anal toy is one of very few of its kind which includes a vibrator at the core.

Made using toughened, borosilicate glass and incorporating a powerful 10-speed vibrating motor, this is combo toy which offers the best of both worlds.

Measuring 10.8cm (4.25”) in length, the plug has a flared T-shaped base so you can wear it safely.

The only disadvantage with this glass sex toy is that it isn’t waterproof so heating and cooling the glass is trickier.

You can buy a Utimi vibrating anal massager directly from the manufacturers at a price of around $24.99.

Special Glass Dildos

Our final selection of glass sex toys includes some extra-special detailing which should go some way to justifying their premium price tags.

Spartacus Blown Medium Realistic Glass Dildo

Spartacus Blown Realistic Glass Dildos. Image via Spartacus.

Available in medium (7”) or large (8.5”) and in your choice of clear or charcoal smoked glass, these realistic dildos include some incredibly sensual vein detail.

Made from borosilicate glass and manufactured in the U.S. this is an eye-watering sex toy designed for premium pleasure.

Priced between $50-$70 each depending on size or color, you can purchase one of these glass monster cocks from Spartacus.

Firefly Glass G-spot Glow Wand

Firefly Glass G-Spot Glow Wand. Image via Spectrum Boutique.

At first glance, this next glass dildo is a simple but stylish G-spot wand and has a delicious curve and balled end.

But when the lights go down, it comes alive to reveal itself as a glow in the dark sex toy!

Made from borosilicate glass and measuring 6.7” in length, this is a playful bedroom toy that has a dreamy fantasy feel to it.

Available to buy from many online retailers including Spectrum Boutique, the Firefly Glow Wand is priced at around $29.

Crystal Delights Harness Smooth Dildo

Crystal Delights Smooth Glass Harness Dildo. Image via She Vibe.

One of very few glass dildos that are created to work as a strap on, this design features a flared base so it can fit inside a harness.

A simple, smooth and elegant design, this dildo by Crystal Delights is made from medical grade Pyrex safety glass.

It measures 5.9” long with an insertable length of 5.5”.

Priced at around $79.95, you can pick up one of these strap on glass dildos from online retailers like She Vibe.

Featured image via Lovehoney.

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